Signs Your Cat Might Be Pregnant
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Although this may have happened by total chance, and your cat wasn’t spayed before she went into her first heat, sometimes cats do get pregnant unexpectedly. The gestation for female cats is somewhere around 9 weeks, and since this is not that long of a time frame, a cat will start displaying physical and behavioral signs shortly after becoming pregnant. If you are worried that this may have happened to your pretty princess, here are some telltale signs to watch for if you think that your cat may have become pregnant:

8419781607_ac531fa128_z8419781607_ac531fa128_zSource: Wolfgang Lonien via Flickr

1. Follow the Seasons

Cats typically go into heat during the warmer months and once they have reached approximately 80% of their mature weight. If your cat is not spayed obviously you’d want to keep her indoors at all times, especially during these months that could land her in jeopardy and easily pregnant if a male cat were to strike her fancy. Animals have a distinct nature to reproduce, so going against nature is not ideal when hoping to keep your cat from becoming with kittens. If you’ve got a female cat that has gone into heat than you will be sure to know it, as they will become almost possessed with the idea of going outdoors and finding a mate.

SONY DSCSONY DSCSource: Anna-Lena König via Flickr

2. Important: Pay Attention to Their Underside

A female cat that has become impregnated will start to have engorged nipples about 3 weeks after fertilization. Also, the nipples may become darker, and show more pink. This is so that newborn kittens can sense them better and have an easier time finding their milk supply.

7263583960_3a89e7cf8e_z7263583960_3a89e7cf8e_zSource: WJ van den Eijkhof via Flickr

3. Watch for Morning Sickness

Apparently, this isn’t just for humans. If you suspect that your female cat is pregnant and she’s suddenly seeming a little under the weather, with or without vomiting, it may be time to schedule an appointment. Only a vet can confirm a pregnancy so if you think this is a possibility it’s best to get them in to see a medical professional.

14490984192_69ba7db610_z14490984192_69ba7db610_zSource: Jen via Flickr

4. Packing on the Pudginess Around the Midsection

If your lady cat seems to be steadily gaining specifically around the midsection and no place else, especially if there are nipple changes, it’s highly recommended that you take her to your veterinarian as soon as possible for an exam. In addition to the puffiness around the midsection, your cat may start to have a noticeably different walk than usual. This would be to accommodate for a bulging belly which would cause a shift in balance and posture.

7034882413_2291014456_z7034882413_2291014456_zSource: WJ van den Eijkhof via Flickr

5. Kitty Starts To Get Moody and Maternal

Obviously cats aren’t going to sit around nesting the way a pregnant woman would. Instead, you may notice that your female cat is starting to display maternal behaviors and may also have a shift in her temperament and overall behavior. Your cat can even become rather needy, or, they may even start to prefer being alone.

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