New Quiz Helps You Decide What Sort Of Feline Would Make For Your Purrfect Companion
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  • Post published:13/04/2021
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Lucky black cat, playful kitten or wise old moggy? A new online quiz developed by the UK’s largest cat charity is set to help would-be owners decide what sort of feline would be their purr-fect pet.

Cats Protection’s light-hearted game takes potential pet owners through a series of questions to work out what type of cat would best suit their lifestyle.

And with around 5,000 cats in its care at any one time, the charity is hoping the fun multiple-answer activity will inspire more people to adopt a cat this spring.

 “We have cats that would suit all sorts of homes in our centres, and you’ll find lots of examples by taking the quiz – from indoor-only cats suitable for flats to feral cats which are perfect for keeping rodents in check on farms and smallholdings,” explains Danielle Draper, Manager of Cats Protection’s flagship National Cat Adoption Centre in Sussex.

“While the quiz is a lot of fun – and a great office boredom buster – it is intended to be a light-hearted look at the possibilities available. The best way to choose a new cat will always be to contact one of our branches or centres to meet the cats available and see which one you fall for,” Draper says.

Find out what kind of cat may be best suited for your home!

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