Dr. Elliott: Powerful World of Berries
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Berries: those tiny edible fountains of immense nutrition, powerful antioxidants and immune modulators. Berries are now being utilized for many amazing healing benefits. They are grown around the world, and in recent years have been researched for ailments like cancer, diabetes, arthritis and other maladies.

Today you can find berries in human products such as beverages, foods and treats. Names such as Mangosteen, Acai and Goji are being touted for their curative powers. What are the real benefits of berries in the animal kingdom?

Every year, there seems to be a new super berry found; in actuality that can be very true. I have worked with an assortment of exotic berries and super fruits within the animal kingdom and found them to be quite healthful. New super fruits are appearing on the market and I have personally found them wonderful (I will discuss super fruits in a future article).

To work with berries you need to appreciate their unique nutritional analysis and product structure:

Coffee Berry – Yes, it is from coffee. Coffee plantation owners would discard the outer shell of the coffee bean and roast the inside bean for your lovely coffee beverage. The outer shell is a powerhouse of healthy benefits. These benefits include helping eliminate free radicals and providing beneficial aid against diabetes by helping to manage glucose levels. It may also be beneficial to oral health. We have all heard of the benefits of blueberries – 1 gram of Coffee berry is equivalent to 625 grams of fresh blueberries or over 2000 grams of fresh grapes!

Sacred Berry – a berry that tastes like peanut butter. The seeds of Sacred Berry have high protein (27%) and oil (35 – 60%) content. Its oil is one of the largest plant sources of the Omega family of fatty acids, essential for life. It contains Omega 3 (48%), Omega 6 (36%) and Omega 9 (9%). These berries are also rich in iodine and vitamin A and vitamin E. This berry will be highly utilized and promoted in pet foods in the future.

Mangosteen – contains an antioxidant called xanthones. These xanthones help boost the immune system and strengthen cell walls. Additional benefits include maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system and assisting in the healing process. Mangosteen is high in vitamins and minerals and may promote healthy cholesterol levels.

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Goji – aids in proper body functions. It contains essential fatty acids for smooth functioning of the brain and nervous system, higher levels of Vitamin C than oranges and more natural protein than wheat. Goji also has very powerful antioxidant compounds and B-Vitamins.

Aronia – helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels, aids the digestive system, strengthens the immune and circulatory systems and improves white cell count.

Bilberry – helps improve retinal and vision functions and heal kidney and urinary infections. Bilberries contain dense levels of anthocyanin pigments, which have been linked experimentally to a lowered risk for several diseases, including cardiovascular and heart diseases, eye diseases and cancer.

Sea Buckthorn – contains 10 different vitamins, trace elements, 18 amino acids and rare essential fatty acids. It has cholesterol lowering properties, is an effective liver helper, aids digestion, invigorates blood circulation, alleviates pain and kills parasitic mites. It may also have anti-carcinogenic benefits.

Cherry Berry – Has high antioxidant properties to help fight free radicals. This berry is also known to help reduce blood pressure and protect your pet’s heart by lowering bad (LDL) cholesterol. It protects eyesight and helps reduce the risk of cataracts, strengthens cell membranes, helps fight inflammation and associated diseases such as arthritis.

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