6 NEW Game-Changing Cat Toys By The Cat Daddy Himself–Jackson Galaxy!
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Jackson Galaxy (My Cat From Hell) debuted his new toys at SuperZoo 2015, a pet industry trade show, and we were lucky enough to get a few moments with him to find out about his brand-new line that will change the game your cat plays.

“We’ve got toys that cater to different types of hunters,” explained Galaxy. His new line features toys for ground hunters as well as kitties who prefer prey in the air.

These toys are a result of many hours of research and development, as well as tons of feedback from his main consumer — cats!

“The cats are like, we like that, we don’t like that, so we keep refining them based on the cats’ responses,” he adds.

And just how important is it for your cat to play?

“The whole idea of cat mojo – that reptilian ‘gotta do this’ ‘gotta do this’ – if we tap into that on a daily basis with our cats, the majority of behavior problems I’ve been working on for twenty years just disappear,” Galaxy says.

“what I tell everybody is if you do not have any interactive toys – and I don’t care if they are mine or not – if you don’t have any interactive toys it’s akin to you not having a leash and collar for your dog. That’s how important it is. It’s not a luxury, it’s a necessity,” he adds.

If I can just get that message across – that if, every day you play with your cat for 15 minutes, you’re going to see a difference,” he continues. “Hyper cats less hyper, scared cats less scared, you are going to see your cat’s behavior change. Not that it’s a cure all, but it’s a big step in the right direction.”

The Jackson Galaxy ™ Collection by Petmate focuses on cats as the heroes in Cat Play with a wide variety of products offering fun and interaction to cats and their families.  Although cats spend a majority of time sleeping, playtime is of utmost importance when they are awake to keep them slim, energetic, healthy and happy.

#1 – Jackson Galaxy™ Ground Toys

All new toys to accompany the Jackson Galaxy Ground Prey Wand! Ball and socket joints create a realistic movement that resembles ground prey. Links can be added or removed to create different sizes and movement. Available in different colors and four animals: Snake, Iguana, Squirrel and Mouse​.

1 31336_JG_Ground_Toy_Snake_Group1 31336_JG_Ground_Toy_Snake_Group

Click page 2 below for the next toys!

#2 – Jackson Galaxy™ Refillable Twisted Kicker

Kickers encourage cat’s need to stalk and attack prey​. Sisal midsection now features an opening with removable Velcro pouch.  Easy to add fresh catnip whenever needed. Comes with a sample vial of Jackson Galaxy Organic Catnip.

2 31383_JG_Refillable_Twisted_Kicker_With_Catnip_Open2 31383_JG_Refillable_Twisted_Kicker_With_Catnip_Open

#3 – Jackson Galaxy™ Laser Air Wand

One of the main reasons lasers are bad for cats is because they can never “catch” the prey. This toy integrates a laser with a real toy so your cat can win the game: get the raw cat instincts going with the laser then switch to the retractable feather for a satisfying hunt!​ Retractable cord with swivel connection prevents tangles​ Best used for cats with air pursuit interests  Unique removable laser features:​ On/Off switch instead of pressing a button​ and elastic band fits snuggly on finger​.

3 31125_JG_Wand_Laser_Attachment3 31125_JG_Wand_Laser_Attachment

#4 – Jackson Galaxy™ Toy Marinater

All new way to create your own catnip infused toys! Add Jackson Galaxy Organic Catnip to the silicone base, insert the mesh bag with your favorite cat toys, replace the cap and squeeze!  ​Works on all toy materials: plush, canvas, rubber, plastic, polyester and more​ Use for a quick burst of catnip scent or store toys in the Marinater to intensify the fun!​ Comes in assorted colors​.

4 toymarinater


#5 – Jackson Galaxy™ Comfy Cabana XL

Offers safe sleeping place for cats. Removable super plush foam pad. Second back opening for observation or quick escapes​ and a drooping interior to simulate cave like dwelling​.

5 31333_JG_ComfyCabanaXL_Front5 31333_JG_ComfyCabanaXL_Front

#6 – Jackson Galaxy™ 2-in-1 Bed

This bed is perfect for the indecisive cat. Cinches up into a cozy hideaway or lays flat to stretch out. Soft plush inside and durable polyester outside are easily reversible​.

6 2in1bed6 2in1bed

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