5 Things That Make Your Cat Feel Unloved
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  • Post published:13/04/2021
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Your cat is part of your family and you love them as such. Unfortunately, you might be accidentally sending signals that say otherwise. Since cats don’t understand the words “I love you,” they rely on our actions to interpret whether or not we love or even like them. Here are 6 things that people do that can make their cats feel unloved.

#1 – Not cleaning the litter box often enough

image source: Tom Thai via flickr


Would you go for a week without flushing your own toilet? Probably not, so why do you put off cleaning the litter box until the weekend? Forcing your cat to use a dirty litter box and then getting upset if they choose to use a cleaner place (like on the carpet) is sending them a signal that you don’t care about them and their preference for cleanliness. Clean out the litter box daily to prove your love for your cat. An added bonus is that the box doesn’t get as gross when you’re scooping it daily.

#2 – Teasing, shouting, punishing, or hurting your cat

image source: Diana Parkhouse via flickr


It should go without saying that hurting your cat or putting their face in their feces as punishment is a sure way for them to fear instead of love you. But teasing them or even shouting at other people in your house can also be upsetting for your cat. Cats need to feel safe and secure. Wondering when the next shouting match or tail-tugging are going to occur will just turn your cat into a stressed out mess.

#3 – Not providing mental stimulation

image source: Lisa Yarost via flickr


If you never play with your cat and leave your curtains closed all day, you are telling your cat that they don’t deserve to be entertained. Sure, cats like to sleep, but that doesn’t mean they enjoy being bored all day long. They should have a comfy perch by a window and interactive treat toys at a minimum. Playing classical music or putting on the TV when you leave the house may help, too, but the best thing you can do is play with your cat every day.

#4 – Ignoring their pain

image source: tanjila ahmed via flickr


Cats can’t tell you when they are in pain and even go so far as to try to hide it. It’s your job to look for subtle changes in behavior that could indicate a health issue and promptly take them to the vet. If your cat is showing signs that something is wrong with their health such as not eating, scratching their ears constantly, or refusing to use the litterbox, but you ignore them, you are showing your cat that their health doesn’t matter to you.

#5 – Neglecting your cat

Do you let your cat’s nails get so long that they’re sticking in the carpet? Do you wait until their water dish is slimy or their food dish is crusty before washing them? Do you let their fur get matted? Do you feed them and clean out their litter box but refuse to give them any other attention or affection? These little actions add up to a great big “I don’t like you” message for your cat.

We all get busy, but your kitty is worth spending some extra time every day doing the little things that show them how much you love them.

(H/T: PetMD)

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